Go Arc is a manufacturing operations management platform, a SaaS platform that aggregates data from an entire manufacturing facility and breaks down conventional silos of knowledge and data by analyzing field safety reports from safe-connected workers. This includes the analysis of data from ERP systems, OT, and IoT sensors.

Technology resources

GOARC is an industrial safety 4.0 and risk assessment platform providing a safety analytics system command center for industry 4.0, HOP software solutions, process safety management, contractor management software, industrial emergency management software and permit to work software solutions.


Excelero is a global leader in big data storage solutions and high performance computing Nvme storage. The company also specializes in High Speed cloud enterprise storage for software defined cloud data centers and storage solutions for the media and entertainment industries.


Auto-talks is a v2x communication provider specializing in c-V2X vs DSRC,  etsi its-g5 technology, v2m communication, v2v communication technology, autonomous cars, safe micro-mobility and their v2x chipsets are aimed at reducing accidents on our roads.


Horizon Electronics Ltd. is a leading industrial power supply company, specializing in DC-DC power supplies, AC DC Power Supply products, programmable power supply systems,  bidirectional power supply, programmable dc power supply solutions, electronic loads and switching power supplies.


MeMed diagnostics is a leading medical bio-convergence company and host immune response testing company. MeMed has developed innovative diagnostic host immune response tests that address complex clinical dilemmas and improve patient outcomes. A diagnostic bacterial vs viral infection lab test via rapid antibody immunoassay analyzer testing. Also, covid severity testing.


Hailo is a leading AI Chip Company that have developed the world’s best AI Processor for edge devices. The Hailo-8 AI chip accelerates edge devices and is applicable in the following industries: AI Automotive (ADAS ECU), Smart CitySmart Home, Edge AI Box, Smart AI in Retail (Intelligent Camera and VPU technology) and much more.

Phase One Industrial cameras are the world’s smallest and lightest integrated digital medium format Cameras used for aerial imagery to machine vision and cultural heritage preservation. Our high vision camera, industrial drone with cameras are the leading aerial mapping cameras, especially in photogrammetry mapping.


Cobwebs WEBINT solutions provides the most advanced web intelligence technology in the WEBINT field. Our systems provide an AI-based approach to cope with modern challenges to national security, including a leading cyber forensics and online investigation tool for cyber crime investigation.


Inter-Dev and b2b digital marketing Israel – is an leading Israeli SEO Company – online reputation management , SEO audit . As a PPC agency israel it provides  LinkedIn ads management . Inter-Dev is a B2B marketing agency , specializing in startup digital marketing agency . Visit our site to learn about our digital marketing workshops


Itamar Medical, a leading international  medical technology company  have developed Cardio Sleep Solutions, one of today’s leading home sleep study companies . Their home sleep apnea test equipment including the watchpat sleep apnea monitor, provide Cardiologists with a an integrative sleep health management plan.  Cardio Sleep Solutions specialize in sleep apnea diagnosis , the link between cardiology and sleep apnea, sleep study equipment and home sleep apnea testing devices.


Mantis Vision provide revolutionary 3D scanning solutions, high precision smartphone 3D scanner camera and 3D structured light technology and a professional handheld 3D scanner. As a leading 3D Scanning Company and as pioneers of 3D structured light technology, Mantis Vision have developed  a unique volumetric video capturing experience, turning real-life surrounds into a professional 3D volumetric studio.


Pollogen provide a variety of aesthetic medical devices and treatments for the medical aesthetic market, including: technologically advanced cellulite reduction solutionsface and skin rejuvenation treatmentsacne scars treatments, radio frequency facial therapy and much more.


Message Whiz is a leading business SMS service provider powered by MMD Smart. They provide a text messaging service for business with a unique pay-by-conversion success payment model. Companies benefit from SMS B2B marketing by improving communication with their clients, making offers at opportune moments and improving conversion outcomes


LiveU provide innovative video streaming solutions as well as a cloud-based production platform, live broadcasting solutions for government, education, public safety and enterprise verticals. The Matrix cloud video platform enables reliable and affordable content distribution.


Neve Tzedek –  Neve Tzedek Real Estate offers Mortgage counseling, help with finding Architects and Interior Design specialists.


Technoligeek – A leading Tech News Blog covering broadcasting technologies, cloud technologies, saas software technologies, new cybersecurity technologies, migration services and more


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