About Us

GOARC is a privately funded company, headquartered in Motza Illit, Israel with offices in California, Texas, and Singapore. It was founded in 2015 by behavioral, safety, industry, and technology subject matter experts with one goal – to save lives.

Hundreds of thousands of workers use the GOARC Safety 4.0® platform in more than 15 languages worldwide in the oil and gas, petrochemical, chemicals, mining, construction, utility, maritime and logistics industries.

Recognizing that human errors are inevitable, but accidents are not, the GOARC Safety 4.0® platform offers streamlined and centralized safety routines and a bottom-up approach to safety, empowering all employees and contractors to protect themselves and each other from daily hazards.

GOARC delivers a digital safety solution with company-wide, real-time, centralized data visualization providing a 360-degree view on the workforce and assets, improving risk management, EHS performance and workforce engagement. Extracting real-time asset data from existing enterprise systems, third-party sources (IoT) and integrating direct data provided by the connected workforce and employees across the company, allows for the optimal execution in dynamic industrial environments.

GOARC is revolutionizing the practice of industrial safety in the era of Industry 4.0 and is able to transform the way that companies protect their workforce and critical assets by partnering with clients, working together in the field and understanding each business’ operations, logistics and safety processes and practices firsthand. This collaborative partnership builds the foundation for long-term success, continuous improvement and innovation.

The Team

CEO & Co-Founder

Dror Barak

Dror, is an experienced chief executive from the professional training and coaching industry. Before founding GOARC, Dror was the Co-Founder and CEO of Even Derekh (milestone), an outdoor leadership company with a unique gamified digital training system. Dror has extensive experience in HR consulting and is an expert in digital learning and digital transformation. He has a BA in Psychology and an MA from the Hebrew University.

COO & Co-Founder

Haim Srur

With more than 25 years of C-level executive experience, Haim has led the business strategy and operations of global companies and startups. Before founding GOARC, Haim served as EVP at an Israeli oil refinery and managed the company turnaround. He led the merger of two telecom startups which led to the foundation of Alvarion, a company that grew to a market value of $1.7B. Haim has a BA in Psychology, an MA in Organizational Sociology, and a Doctorate in Business Administration.

EVP Offering & Co-Founder

Chani Gur-Arie

Responsible for GOARC’s product strategy, Chani offers a unique combination of experience in business, technology, and implementation that enables GOARC to be successfully deployed on-time at customer sites. Before coming to GOARC, she managed hundreds of engineers in senior IT roles, serving as CIO at NICE (NASDAQ: NICE), VP MIS at AMDOCS (NASDAQ: DOX), and VP MIS at Alvarion.

COO Americas

Itay Reshef

With over 15 years of professional and managerial experience in hi-tech and engineering companies, Itay is responsible for GOARC’s business in the USA and manages its strategic partnerships. Previously he was the CFO of ECOLOG Engineering, a private consulting and design firm for water, oil and gas, and environmental projects where he controlled the company’s business strategy and finances and led the construction of complex work plans. Itay has a BA in Economics from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from Bar Ilan University.

VP Technology Partners

Zvika Harnik

With a track record for leading the development of disruptive technology, including the world’s first Ethernet 3rd layer switch and wifi router, Zvika brings 30 years of technology and executive experience to GOARC. Previously, he served as CEO of Velocee and WiNetworks, and held executive-level roles at Alvarion and BreezeCOM. Zvika’s ability to bring together technology and business make him the ultimate VP for technology partnerships. He has a BSc in Electrical Engineering from the Technion and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.


Reem Winkler

More than 10 years of professional experience in finance, management, tax and  accounting and is responsible for GOARC’s finance activities. Reem brings with him vast experience with high-tech companies including deep process and business understanding, leadership skills, strong analytical toolsets, visionary and supporting the company scale. Prior to joining GORAC, Reem was VP Finance of Anyvision and previously Director of Finance of TEAM8, involved in several rounds of fundraising. Reem also served as a senior manager at EY for almost a decade. Reem holds a B.A in Finance, Accounting & Business Management from the Academic College of Management Academic Studies and is a Certified Public Accountant.


Chen Hofesh-Katz

Chen brings 20 years of experience from a variety of leading technology companies where she worked to build HR strategies and implemented cross-organizational processes on a global scale. Before coming to GOARC, Chen was the VP HR at Time to Know, a leading developer of a software training SAAS platform for training, and the VP HR at Alcatel Lucent Israel, where she led all of the company’s HR activities. Chen has a BA in Behavioral Science and an MA in Labor Studies and has expertise managing the rapid growth of organizations.

VP Product Management

Maor Shahar

A passionate, values-driven team leader with extensive experience in Agile development methodology, Maor is experienced in managing cross-functional teams to plan, design, and launch cutting edge technologies. His technical skills and analytical abilities help him transform opportunities and needs into creative solutions. Maor has a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Micro Electrical Mechanical Systems (MEMS) and a multidisciplinary IT experience. Maor served as an officer in a variety of combat operational positions in a technological environment of advanced weapon systems.


Eli Krief

Eli leads the R&D team that develops GOARC’s platform, including its interfaces, cloud and mobile architectures, and analytics. He brings a wealth of experience from the world of enterprise software, cloud-based solutions, and mobile apps used by millions of users. Before GOARC, Eli was the co-founder of Quickcode, a software house specializing in mobile application development, web development, back-end (server-side) development, and automated testing. He has a BSc in Software Engineering from the Jerusalem College of Technology.

VP Sales

Aviel First

Aviel is an experienced sales executive for Industry 4.0 solutions and has vast experience in selling industrial software. Before GOARC, Aviel was Director of Sales and Business for Industry 4.0 solutions at Seebo and VP Sales at Precognize, a predictive maintenance software company. Prior to that, Aviel was VP Sales and BD at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence and Director of the Automotive Business Unit at Siemens PLM. Aviel has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the Technion and an MBA from Bradford University.

Life In The Company


GOARC is a dynamic and rapidly growing startup, software/SAAS company in the Safety Domain. Combining our innovation with a culture often associated with startups makes GOARC an environment for talented, energetic, and ambitious people to thrive. Join our team and help revolutionize industrial safety for the era of Industry 4.0.

VP Customer Success

Responsible for ensuring high levels of satisfaction, drive adoption, and expansion of the use of COARC’s solutions.

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VP Sales

Responsible for building, leading, and setting the overall sales strategy for the company.

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Product Marketing

An experienced B2B product marketer to lead GOARC’s products and bring our product story to life in high-impact ways.

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Sales Manager Europe

Responsible for initiating and managing GOARC’s European sales and commercial activities, focusing on delivering successful outcomes for our clients.

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