Go Arc is a manufacturing operations management platform, a SaaS platform that aggregates data from an entire manufacturing facility and breaks down conventional silos of knowledge and data by analyzing field safety reports from safe-connected workers. This includes the analysis of data from ERP systems, OT, and IoT sensors.

Petrochemicals Industry

Closing the gap on worker and operational safety with a centralized platform for process safety and effective risk management in the petrochemicals industry

Petrochemical plants can pose a significant danger to workers, the population, and the environment. Daily risks stem from handling, storage, and process management of hazardous materials, as well as proximity to oil refineries. Concerns range from the physical dangers of chemical exposure to mechanical and operational failures such as sensor malfunction, improper valve or pump alignment, eroded seals, and incorrect readings. Faulty and unmonitored processes can cause safety issues such as leaks and contamination, dangerous pressure buildup and uncontrollable heat leading to thermal runaway and hazardous, explosive chemical reactions.

GOARC’s safety solution answers the critical need to improve communications and data transfer across plant operations, providing dynamic risk assessment and enhanced control of process safety for petrochemical-based activities. Real-time status of workers and processes enables optimal safety management that combines sensor and detector data with information from operators in the field for time-sensitive alerts and rapid response in a complex work environment. GOARC’s platform provides a strategic view of operations and equipment, a central data source, and the tools to connect and interface between all systems including workers, assets, and processes.

GOARC’s centralized safety management platform integrates advanced technology, data, and artificial intelligence to enhance the connection between the control room and operators in the field, for proactive process safety. An integrated and accurate virtual and physical view of processes verifies critical real-time data, incorporates operator input into the system, monitors high-risk activities, inspections, equipment checks and maintenance to effectively prevent incidents and mitigate the consequences of emergency scenarios.

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Dynamic data transfer and advanced analytics

Track and monitor operations and gain critical insights with data on real-time status of employees, tasks in the field, and work procedures to maximize personal and process safety

  • Seamless flow and integration of data across the petrochemical plant, including internal and external data sources, sensors and detectors, connected workers
  • Centralized data visualization with advanced AI and ML analytics for improve data-driven decision-making
  • Accelerates corrective and preventive actions to improve safety performance
  • Bi-directional communication between connected worker, teams and command center enables real-time notifications and response time, and status verificationHazard alerts – detects and flags changes and processes: runaway/chemical reactions, gas leaks, spills, contamination, sensor malfunctions
  • Accessibility of valuable data: records and investigation reports: contamination, explosions, environmental concerns
  • 24/7 monitoring of facility: equipment, valve readings, identifies potential hazards, ignition sources, and other critical information
  • Reliable, actionable insights for informed risk assessment

Integrated command center

  • One source of information – a centralized network collects and aggregates massive amounts of data, breaks down silos of information
  • Integrate data, analytics, and workflows
  • Updated records and investigation reports, analysis
  • Real-time alerts and response, rapid emergency management
  • Enhanced communication from the field, greater worker awareness and engagement
ehs management system | GO-ARC
emergency preparedness management

Enhanced process safety and operational efficiency

  • Tracking & Scheduling of key safety features such as pressure, temperature, measurement percent value, desiccant change, oil change and more
  • Identify risks and ensure timely incident escalation
  • Real-time information availability including emergency procedures and relevant safety documents for machinery operation and product handling
  • Close skill gaps, build competencies, promote informed, engaged and safe workforce
  • Connected safety: data-driven personalized safety insights and training, guidance
  • Improve production performance and quality

Unique Visualization and Dynamic Personalized Routines

Permit to Work

Identify most efficient workflow lowering possible risk and increasing productivity

Shift management

Integrated data-driven shift handover with real-time connectivity, visibility and communication

Operator Rounds

Dynamic forms and workflows allows for flexibility and ensure critical assets are always operational

Emergency Preparedness

Plan, train, communicate, and implement emergency prevention and response

Emergency Management

Converge Big Data in real-time with a dynamic view of emergency operations

Asset Management

AI analytics and asset’s operational status for a clear view of the operation and accurate risk assessment

Hazard Management

Mitigate potential hazards with AI-based analytics and real-time insights in trends and leading indicators

Incident Management

In-depth incident investigation, risk assessment, and root cause analysis with effective corrective actions and accurate documentation


Gain comprehensive insights into company-wide performance related to audits, inspections, and corrective actions.

Lockout Tagout

Enhanced efficiency with a digital, easy to use, holistic, flexible LOTO management solution

Human and Operational Performance

Develop organizational transparency with a focus on proactive indicators that prevent incidents from occurring

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GOARC’s Value

Reach Operational Excellence with GOARC’s technology

AI & Machine Learning

Connected Worker

Command center

Our Solutions

Control of Work

  • Flexible system with dynamic routines and workflows
  • Data support investigation and corrective action
  • Analyze all work processes across the facility and set and monitor KPI’s

Critical Event Management

  • Integrated end-to-end emergency communication and handling
  • Detects anomalies and notifies workers with push notifications
  • Emergency equipment audits, training and emergency drills

Asset Performance Management

  • Track, analyze and manage asset lifecycle
  • Prioritize maintenance and replacement activities
  • Analyzes device properties to predict failures and performance degradation

Health & Safety

  • Proactive protection against potential dangers
  • Data-driven actionable insights and alerts
  • AI-enabled analytics and case management tools



Oil & Gas