Go Arc is a manufacturing operations management platform, a SaaS platform that aggregates data from an entire manufacturing facility and breaks down conventional silos of knowledge and data by analyzing field safety reports from safe-connected workers. This includes the analysis of data from ERP systems, OT, and IoT sensors.

Shift Management

Integrated data-driven shift handover with real-time connectivity, visibility and communication

Eliminate knowledge gaps across shifts for safe,
efficient, and productive operations


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emergency preparedness management

GOARC’s shift management solution solves critical update and information transfer issues for a smooth, quick shift handover process and a safer work environment

The solution improves communication between teams for efficient shift handover on the tactical, operational, and strategic levels, putting real-time connected data at the fore. A fully integrated and clear picture at every shift handover enables informed decision-making and better risk analysis.

With 40% of accidents occurring during start-up, shutdown, and shift handovers, smart analysis of the information and accurate communication during the shift handover mitigates severe incidents.

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GOARC’s unique solution standardizes the shift handover workflow with real-time visibility, connectivity and smart data integration that ensure efficient, comprehensive, and reliable information transfer across every shift

The module provides effective deviation management with focused shift-related data in one place and a structured logbook for Assignable Cause and Corrective Actions (ACCA).

The shift management solution aggregates real-time information provided by connected workers and automatically collects data from all process-related internal and external data sources.

Advanced AI and ML-powered predictive analytics capabilities provide timely insights on current performance, root causes, availability and reliability to drive efficient work processes, safe work procedures, and improved production performance and quality.

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Benefits and Features:

  • Effective time management with a quick and straightforward process
  • Comprehensive digital tracking of issues, actions and outcomes ‎for shift management
  • Effective deviation management and knowledge transfer
  • Promotes connected worker operational efficiency with bidirectional communication and relay of information
  • ML/AI-based predictive and prescriptive analysis
  • Focused shift-related data in one place for enhanced worker safety
  • Fully integrated data from all systems provides a clear operational picture of shift
  • Contextual visibility ensures a reliable flow of information for accurate decision-making

Control of Work

Control, maintain and implement safety programs for people and work processes
with aggregated data from all available sources visualized in real-time


Identify most efficient workflow lowering possible risk and increasing productivity

Shift Management

Integrated data-driven shift handover with real-time connectivity, visibility and communication

LockOut TagOut

Enhanced efficiency with a digital, easy to use, holistic, flexible LOTO management solution

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GOARC’s Value

Reach Operational Excellence with GOARC’s technology

AI & Machine Learning

Connected Worker

Command center

Our Solutions

Control of Work

  • Flexible system with dynamic routines and workflows
  • Data support investigation and corrective action
  • Analyze all work processes across the facility and set and monitor KPI’s

Critical Event Management

  • Integrated end-to-end emergency communication and handling
  • Detects anomalies and notifies workers with push notifications
  • Emergency equipment audits, training and emergency drills

Asset Performance Management

  • Track, analyze and manage asset lifecycle
  • Prioritize maintenance and replacement activities
  • Analyzes device properties to predict failures and performance degradation

Health & Safety

  • Proactive protection against potential dangers
  • Data-driven actionable insights and alerts
  • AI-enabled analytics and case management tools



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