Go Arc is a manufacturing operations management platform, a SaaS platform that aggregates data from an entire manufacturing facility and breaks down conventional silos of knowledge and data by analyzing field safety reports from safe-connected workers. This includes the analysis of data from ERP systems, OT, and IoT sensors.

The Ultimate Guide to Manufacturing Operations Management

For manufacturers, remaining competitive in today’s market takes more than having a good product with a solid supply chain. Manufacturers must implement highly efficient operations that are both agile and flexible to ensure high levels of productivity, quality, and compliance. With so many moving parts, factory operators, plant supervisors, and facility managers must have the visibility and insights to continuously improve manufacturing operations. And as with many industrial challenges, the answer lies with technology focused on Manufacturing Operations Management.


Improve Factory Performance with Manufacturing Operations Management

Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) refers to dedicated systems and software for managing and optimizing the end-to-end industry 4.0 manufacturing process. It includes procedures and rules necessary to meet required production speed and quotas while ensuring the continuous improvement of production, quality control, inventory, maintenance, and staffing. MOM generally offers a unified platform to help monitor the factory’s performance and ability to meet a range of industry standards, such as overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), total effective equipment performance (TEEP), and overall labor effectiveness (OLE). This visibility drives the strategic insights necessary to help manufacturers meet their objectives, such as quality assurance, cost reduction, product innovation, sustainability, and regulatory compliance. The industry has embraced Manufacturing Operations Management software as a means to this end; the global market size for MOM software is expected to reach $14.6 billion by 2025.

Types of Manufacturing Operations Management Software

There are multiple types of MOM software that have been developed to help manufacturers meet their goals. They include:

  • Production Management software combines a fully integrated set of tools to help manufacturers plan, execute, record, track and control factory output. The software delivers real-time data about machine status, orders, jobs in progress, labor and materials, and shipment schedules. This end-to-end visibility helps to optimize production and fulfillment.
  • Performance Analysis software enables manufacturers to make strategic decisions based on situational or historical analysis of the machine, line, plant, and factory levels. These metrics can be harnessed to improve efficiencies and identify any gaps impeding factory operations.
  • Quality and Compliance software is utilized to ensure the facility and its components meet the strict compliance standards for manufacturing operational processes. Manufacturers rely on this software to detect any deviations and to ensure management can take corrective action promptly.
  • Human-Machine Interface (HMI) software enables factory personnel to monitor industrial equipment via a dashboard or other computer-based interface. The software allows the operator to have a clear view of the factory operations in real-time, empowering him to make decisions or machinery adjustments as needed.

Who Benefits from MOM?

MOM software offers a wide range of benefits to all factory personnel. Operations staff and engineers benefit from a reduced workload as the software’s automation eliminates a wide range of repetitive manual tasks. Workers can complete tasks faster as the software provides clear, electronic instructions and smart workflows that also serve to ensure the quality of the end product.


Plant managers and supervisors benefit from the availability of data provided by MOM software. Easy access to accurate operational data enables Management to make decisions that help with plant capacity planning as they strive to achieve overall operational excellence for the manufacturing facility. The software also allows manufacturers to more easily meet compliance requirements with a clear paper trail of operations processes.


AI is Changing the Game for Manufacturing Operations Management

With all the advances that MOM software brings to the manufacturing industry, adding artificial intelligence capabilities into the mix becomes a force multiplier for factory operations. AI applications can be found throughout the factory floor — from enabling remote monitoring of machinery to proactively detect issues before they occur to reducing supply chain to adjusting product runs based on real-time sales patterns.


AI has the potential to completely transform manufacturing operations by delivering key benefits through demand planning, production, quality control, inventory management, product development, and maintenance. According to Deloitte’s survey on AI adoption in manufacturing, 93% of companies believe AI will be a key technology to drive growth and innovation in manufacturing.


Integrating AI within MOM software delivers the algorithms needed to make the system smarter. AI learns from every interaction, allowing manufacturers to make sense out of large volumes of data collected from connected devices, shop-floor machines, and employees without the need for human intervention. AI-enabled MOM helps factories increase productivity, improve their output, and achieve their goals.

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Enhancing MOM with GOARC

For many manufacturers, especially those in high-risk industries such as chemicals, oil & gas and manufacturing, workplace safety is an essential element of their operational goals. Implementing MOM software that incorporates safety risk management has become a priority for manufacturers in today’s post-pandemic environment. For a comprehensive solution to streamline and optimize workplace safety protocols, GOARC offers end-to-end, data-driven integrated solutions for health and safety management, enabling real-time protection of people and critical assets on a centralized, fully connected, visualized platform. Contact us to learn more about GOARC Safety 4.0.

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